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Portal Ahnenspuren

Das Portal Ahnenspuren ist eine Forschungs-Plattform für Ahnenforscher, derzeit mit Schwerpunkt auf Ostpreußen (Stand 2020)

East Prussia

Graphic interactive pages to rural districts, parishs, address books and "Kreisgemeinschaften".

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A new branch of genealogy is grown up with the analysis of human gens. It enables to determine if two or more person have the same ancestor. Also the a travel of the ancestors through the time beginning from the oldest known human beings up to the present is possible. But remind, Gen-Analysis can also lead to unrequested results as you can find out that someone in your paternal line is not your real ancestor.

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Special research projects e.g. for family names

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Instructions to the usage of graphical interactive family trees and hints to the assignment of compiling graphical interactive family trees

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